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Permanent Bulletins (Location Map)

  • Permanent bulletins provide constant exposure within a specific geographic area.
  • Effective directional copy allows advertisers to sell products & services immediately to passing motorists.
  • Advertisers create dominance and build an image of success through the long-term nature of permanent bulletin programs.

Rotary Bulletins (Location Map)

  • Rotary bulletins are moved every 60 days to provide broad market coverage throughout the year.
  • Advertising messages remain fresh, because bulletins are exposed to new segments of the market.
  • Excellent visibility and awareness are achieved by utilizing extensions, cutouts and embellishments.

Poster Panels & 12'x25' Rotary Bulletins (Location Map)

  • Posters deliver immediate impact throughout a market.
  • Cost effective, low cost-per thousand.
  • Multiple locations plus strategic placement equals unsurpassed frequency.
  • Programs are available as short as 30 days.
  • Low production costs for poster paper provide advertisers with more creative flexibility.
  • 12’x25’ flex face vinyls offer the option of a longer-term targeted rotary program.